LII. 52 Millimeters in Roman numerals. Or the exact length of one connector or diameter of one disc. Or the one number that gives you infinite choices in lighting design.

ledLII is the first integrated, modular lighting solution that gives an unlimited number of possibilities and a freedom never experienced in modular LED lighting. You design it, you build it, you enjoy it.

ledLII 6 colors ledLII's unique design consists of a limited number of elements: discs, connectors and jackets. These elements can be combined into virtually any shape you can imagine.

The base elements are made of airplane-grade aluminium with a smooth, stylish finish to fit any interior. Use them with or without the jackets.

The jackets are available in a range of colors, giving you a freedom of choice limited only by your imagination...

You can start with a basic set, and expand, enhance, colorize endlessly. ledLII elements are available separately, so big or small, the choce is yours, and you're never stuck, you can always add more and more...

Once built, the ledLII can be hung as a pendant from the ceiling, or mounted as a wall light.